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Warehousing & Distribution Long Island

The Moving & Storage Center of Long Island provides warehousing and distribution services at our 50,000 sq ft facility.  With a large fleet of modern trucks we can pick up anywhere in the tri-state are or we can accept deliveries from outside carriers.  Within our facility we have pallet racking, storage containers for household and office furniture, as well as individual rooms for easy access by your own personnel.
Some Of Our Clients Include:

  • Manufacturers and distributors: Who store excess inventory.  One client has over 900 pallets in storage with us!
  • Retailers: Who store excess inventory and store fixtures.
  • Hospitals: Storage of medical equipment and furniture for current facilities as well as new installations and renovations.
  • Hotels: Receiving, storing and delivery of furniture for remodeling projects.

We also handle consolidation projects for many other types of businesses.  So whether you need to store 1 box or 20 truckloads, we have the facility and expertise to accommodate you!


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